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Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

Sonia Rykiels H & M knitwear and why I don´t like the 80s

Hi everyone!

we made ourselves a nice new years eve yesterday and watched old movies (3 parts of "Pink Panther", "Fearless Vampire killers" and this morning "Arsenic and old lace"), but after all those days with stores closed (you know the 2,5 days of X-Mas followed by a Sunday, the half day of New Year and the full day of today) I start to get bored of having nowhere to go. This is why I will go to town tommorow while John is working. I have a fab idea to make me an outfit inspired by this lovely Lipservice Outfit so I´ll go to buy fringe... I plan to sew the fringe to one of my WKD merry widows, that I bought in their last sale, and add my own twist to it :-)

And while I´m at it I want to stop by Yves Rocher to see wether they have some reduced X-Mas Chestnut shower gel and a H & M store to see wether they have any Sonia Rykiel underwear leftovers in my size (I want to give their matching panties another try). This lead to me researching how Mrs. Rykiels knitwear collection (due in February) will look like... As the lingerie line was on the retro inspired side with an edge, I thought this might goes as well for the knit wear, alas I feel disappointed as it is mostly terribly 80s inspired. I already did boycott 80s fashion in the 80s and 90s fashion in the 90s (in terms of that I just didn´t bother what was in fashion. I just threw on some clothes my Mom bought/shared with me and that was it. Mostly I looked terrible cause not even the colours matched, however as the fashion was ugly anyway I didn´t give a damn before discovering how lovely and flattering the clothes of the late 30s, 40s, 50s and even early 60s were). I spotted altogether two cute pieces that I COULD possibly like... The yellow shirt with the bow print and the yellow dress. (Imagine it paired with a cute cardigan) But the yellow skirt is probably too short for me. I´m not very tall, just like 1,70m on a good day and most mainstream shop dresses are just too short for my taste. But maybe the models are giants and the dress will be just fine? I could try it in February, but it is not that outstanding that I´m sure I will...

If you wanna see the whole collection you can check it out here http://www.coutorture.com/6840226

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