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Samstag, 24. April 2010

This weeks round up

Hi everyone,

sorry, I was silent this week, but at the moment I´m looking for shootings for May - my pin up birthday - and look for not too expensive things for the ideas I have in mind. Ebay is my best friend ;-)

I was looking wether any blogs besides Bobbins and Bombshells wrote about me and I stumbled over these two.

Nice blogs make little Saris happy! So if you know about another one.... Let me know ;-) I allways wanna know when there´s something nice around.

What else? If you are a facebooker: Iam selling some of my clothes over there: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30804&id=508034952&ref=mf It´s stuff that just don´t fit me anymore so I try to get rid of it to get space and money for new cute clothes that DO fit. If you are a woman that´ll totally make sense. ;-)

As a total last minute decision I will be going to a vernissage in Düsseldorf tommorow. This one: http://www.fotocommunity.de/calendar/Veranstaltungstipp/Duesseldorf-2010-04-24-20286 If you go there, too say hi to me. ;-) And I still haven´t made a final decision what I should wear. Damn it! If there are some snap shoots from the event again you will find ot what I did wear in the end anyway.

It is a Vernissage with Photography, however Peter used to paint and once he painted me. 6 years ago. Last year we totally confused people. He had photographed Miss Giggles who is a former model turned photographer and exibited the pic. So off course people asked her wether she is a model. So off course she said no, cause she is mainly a photographer. Meanwhile Pinky Paradise did hair and make up on one of his shootings, but there was no photo of that one at this exibition. And when people askd me where my photo was hanging I had to tell them that yes indeed Iam a model, but that Peter never photographed me. We sure confused folks a LOT. Oh and let ME confuse YOU some more. I will be doing the hairstyling on his next shooting at the 1rst of May despite not beeing a hair-stylist. :-D Things are not allways what they seem in Happy Retro Wonderland. If you can write an essay who photographed whom you may win an invisible washing maschine ;-)

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