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Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Sailor Sunday

Hi everyone,

so as no photographer was to be found to snap outdoor photos I grabbed John, put my Canon into his hands and told him to make some. He has a good eye for asthetics. He´s also the only one that has permission to criticise the way I dress and style in my every day life (which does not mean, that I allways listen to what he has to say ;-).
"Take a photo of my shadow now!" The sun-umbrella sure added some special effect.
As my photo featuring a pair of my cool cat eye sunglasses proofed so popular here´s a photo of me wearing another pair of darling sunglasses! And a georgous umbrella that John gifted to me last year (I told ya he has good taste). Than we went to the harbor of Düsseldorf and the area around it and took some pics.
Guess who´s totally into photographing architecture?

A policeman stopped by when we took the swimsuit picture, but not because he wanted to complain or shoo us away.... He just wanted to watch a little :-D As did the group of people behind John. And everyone we passed by. Maybe they just liked the white sunglasses I´m holding in my hands.

Actually we had so much fun, that we consider another photosession tommorow...


  1. wow die bilder sind toll geworden

  2. Ich bin ja ziemlich überzeugt, dass die Zuschauer sich NICHT NUR für die Sonnenbrille interessierten.. ;")