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Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Voices of Fashion: Part 2 - On the catwalk for Bittersüß

Hi everyone,

you know and I knew it is very very unlikely to ever see me on a catwalk. After all I don´t look starved and I´m an average heighted girl of 1,70 m(5´7). However when the Label Bittersüß posted on their Facebook page that they are looking for models to walk their catwalk on the Voices of Fashion I figured I have nothing to loose and applied anyway.

To my surprise I was even taken :-D So right after the Shooting for Lucia Brüggen I grabbed my bag and took the tram and subway to the store. One after another we all arrived, tried on the clothes and styled ourselfs. We were supposed to walk in pairs, which made it a bit tricky. ;-) I think I´m better as a photomodel though.

After the catwalk I stayed a bit to drink a glas of champagne and take a closer look on the clothes they have in the store. My original plan was to check out things and to come back when I have my first payment for my new day job, alas I found two skirts that were so supercute and on top of that reduced... You can´t really blame me!

I want candy! Dam dam dam dam dam.....

I was just standing around and talking when a lady with a huge film camera caught my eye cause she stood there looking a bit upset. I found out that they were doing a few official shorts for Voices of Fashion so I offered that I can put on one of my catwalk outfits again and strut around in the shop so they get at least something. So we did that and a interview on style and I´ll also forward my footage of the catwalk show to them so there will be something on their website and facebook site, soon. I will keep you posted about it!

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  1. Wow, die Klamottis sind ja wirklich zuckersüß. Genau mein Ding! ♥__♥