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Montag, 27. September 2010

Burlesque - Miss Evi´s Company

Hi everyone,

experienced readers know: It takes an hell of an event to actually tickle me and make me go out. When I first saw the posters for "Burlesque - Miss Evi´s Company" I knew that this is one of those events.

Truth be told I have only been to one Burlesque Show before and that was 2 years ago in Sweden. There is just no Burlesque here in NRW! Or no one informs me if there is!

So you wonder whether you should visit that show?! Hell yes! I know 39 € for a good seat is quiete some money BUT... it is worth it! We got 2,5 hours of wonderfull performances. Striptease, acrobatic, comedy, music and it was in a wonderfull venue to match. Kudos to the wonderfullfantastictalented artists! There was not one weak performance. I did not feel bored at any time! Even if you have a longer distance to drive (we just had 2 tram stations) you totally should while they are still in town.

I didn´t take photos of the event because I wasn´t aware that this is actually allowed!!! But here you can click through a gallery: http://www.google.de/images?hl=de&q=Miss+Evi%C2%B4s+Company&rlz=1W1ACPW_deDE322DE322&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=Ae2gTLy0BNDBswah_bDmDg&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=5&ved=0CDoQsAQwBA

I decided to wear my leopard dress from http://www.buy-unlike.com/ , cause it seemed the perfect ocassion. John was scared that he might be underdressed in his Jeans and a black shirt with a naked girl on it ;-) Truth be told I was the most dolled up person in the audience :-D Oh well, I´m used to that. I´m really proud how pretty my hair turned out! Never mind the chaos in the background. Iam happy that John was willing to take photos of me at all. Iam a happy boobie-dwarf. At least I look like that from this angle. :-D
No chin, but I´m very happy how my hair turned out! This is what I look like when I giggle hard while the boyfriend takes candids
Yes and I tested another set of my 47 Cents eye lashes. It lasted very well actually!

I feel I should use the "kiss the head" idea in an actual shooting. Plus find what´s wrong in this photos?

If you didn´t notice it my cleavage sucessfully distracted you from the tv and the thingie with that I change the channels :-D


  1. "Happy boobie-dwarf" - that, lady, made my day! :"D

    The eye lashes look marvellous - and I'll give them a try.

    Well, and your outfit is just awesome!!

    Gute Nacht, Lieblings-Leoparden-Lady! :")

  2. You look gorgeous as a boobie-dwarf lol ...love the up-do.