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Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Latex Project

Hi everyone,

this weekend I experimented with glueing Latex and Iam quiet happy how it turned out. I made a skirt and a little hair-acessoire. The hems of the skirt are sorta wobbly, but that is something I can still go and figure out. Iam still happy with the way it looks, bacause I thought it would be way harder! Now I just have to shine it and find out how to remove the glue leftovers. Any ideas how to do that the most effective way? Let me know.

I consider to make a top to go with it.


  1. Ich mag es. Sieht so sehr Kool. Es ist fast
    sieht aus wie Satin zu dir die Wahrheit sagen!

  2. You don´t have to envy me about the house, cause I don´t live there anymore...I had to move because I had such horrible & actually criminal neighbours...

    Hugs, Jenny

  3. Oh no! I´d rather be envious cause you have such a nice place than sad cause I hear you don´t have it anymore :-(

  4. They look lovely! Well done.

    To remove the glue on the outside, just take a rag lightly dipped in thinner/solvent and rub the seams, then powder them with talcum powder to stop the seams coming apart once the excess glue is gone.

    I made a latex outfit too, I will post a picture this week so you can see!