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Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Rachel Zoe, this is no Burlesque Look. Here is my advice on it!

Hi everyone,

the Burlesque Movie did not even officially start in Germany yet. From what I have heard it´s not too Burly anyway so Iam not sure whether I will give it a try. However what I do know for sure is this...

This is in no way Burlesque Style... Or Retro in any way. Stylist Rachel Zoe tries to give advice on Burlesque style:
Nice try, but in my oppinion a fail. One can tell she is not at all familiar with it. This is just one of the three videos and they all don´t look in the least burly. It´s just making cash on the burly craze.

Here is my cup of tea on what a Burlesque/Pin up Lady wears - and warning... It contains no studs or leather jackets or even too short skirts or dresses... And I can assure you I won´t make one cent with my advice ;-)

Keep it modest and classy for every day in this georgous dresses by Pin up Couture and Dixie Fried (available in Germany via http://www.buy-unlike.com) You will still turn heads, but in a work-safe way!

And the brave ones go Femme Fatale with Satin and Corsets in the evening! A nice skirt to go with it makes any corset wearable outdoors! Here demontrated with some pieces of http://www.gothesque.de

Throw on a black Satin Bolero, a fake fur stole, seamed stockings and you are almost done.

You just need to do your hair now. You can buy the perfect book for that "Vintage Hairstyling" at Ars Vivendi (linked at the left side bar of this blog ;-) I posted a detailed review of the book here:

Than put on your eyeliner, red lipstick and your highest heels and you are ready to go!

A hairdo I was sporting earlier this year when going to a Burlesque show. Basically I rolled all my hair and pinned it, put on a feathery decoration and added fake eye lashes with rhinestones for some extra glamour.

Optionally you can add a cute fascinator, feather piece and gloves. I find that etsy, dawanda and ebay is offering a huge range of those if you are not handy with a glue gun and can´t make a pretty feather headpiece yourself.


  1. Sehr schöner Text von Dir, meine Liebe.
    Ich versteh eh nicht, warum die ausgerechnet Rachel Zoe zum Thema "Burlesque und Weiblichkeit" befragen.
    Sie war ja DIE Stylistin, die auf Size Zero gedrängt hat, und wegen der auf einmal wunderschöne, eigentlich kurive Frauen wie Hungerhaken herum liefen.

  2. Ich verstehe es auch nicht. Ist ja nicht so, das es keine tollen Repro Designer, Pin up Modelle und Burlesque Tänzerinnen in den USA gibt, die es besser und authentisch hätten nahe bringen können.