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Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

New Alverde - review (it´s not merde!)

Hello everyone,

Alverde had new additions to their regular make up line and just released a new limited edition named "My perfect day". As a big fan of Alverde I couldn´t wait to get it into my hands... For now I tested:

Anti-Aging Puder Lidschatten Basis (regular line): I tested it with mixed results. With one eye shadow it worked, with another one it didn´t and went into the crease. It mattifies the eye area nicely, but I can´t tell how anti aging it it. I don´t have that manywrinkles on top of my eyes :-D It seems to work with the Shiny duo Eye Shadow and other Alverde Eye Shadows, but it didn´t with my Viva la Diva Eye Shadow.

Anti Aging Duo Highlighter (regular line): I love it. I use it on my eyes rather than all over my face eventhough I mixed the cream base with some cream blush and loved the result (it is not very visible in the photos though - which is good as I don´t go for a "greasy face" effect). It has a creamy base and a powder to go with it.I HATE the packaging for the powder though. It is too hard to open and you might get the powder part all over your clothes. No yay for that. I
hope they´ll work on that!

Shiny Duo-Lidschatten Black Diamond
(Alverde "my pefect day" Limited edition): It is a cream eyeshadow with some Eyeshadow powder combined. I put it in my eye-crease. The powder sets it nicely so it stays where it´s spposed to stay :-) Unfortunately: The same problem as the Duo Higlighter: The packaging for the powder sucks. I got a lot of it all over my dress :-(

Mineral Rouge in Cherry (regular line - not pictured on the Make up photos): A very high pigmented and really red blush! I love it. You have to be carefull though or you will look like a clown. Perfect for Photoshooting Make up!!!

I also got me the Glamour make up palette from the "My perfect day" Limited edition. I will test it on my blog soon...

I wear the gloss P2 Color Star Lip Cream in "Marlene Dietrich". I love the good coverage it gives, the color and off course... the name ;-)


  1. This is quite random but I was scrolling through a blog and found a photo of a lady from the 60's who looked similar to you! the blog is http://thehairhalloffame.blogspot.com/2011/02/dixie-and-tim.html

  2. Nah, don´t think so :-D My face is pointier.