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Dienstag, 1. März 2011

A little bit of spring....

Dear all,

I´m having 4 days off. Yay!!! Yesterday I went and shot for the project http://www.360-pinup.de/ - I will let you know when something is up. And today I have a day of complete freedom without any plans. Oh well, not really. I wanna go and stop by my fave Second Hand Shop in Düsseldorf "Le Freak and chic". As I still have some time I made a little spring inspired make up with some new things that I got to test them...

Nails: P2 last forever nail polish in "Open your heart". I´ve had it on since Thursday without an coat of clear polish and it lasts and lasts.

Things I used:
Make up: L´Oreal Studio Secrets high definition smoothing foundation in Gold Porcelain (I have yet to find a cheaper foundation that matches my skin tone so well)

Powder: Something from Yves Rocher mixed by Baby Powder to make it Pale enough for me

Blush: Alverde Puder Rouge "Flamingo" (very nice and more subtle than the name and the colour suggest, however good enough to make me look fresh and healthy)

Base: P2 Eye Souffle "Dreamy Cream" (it is discontinued, but you can still grab it for a bargai. It is water proof and I love using it as a shimmery base)
Eye Shadow: Nyx Palette - The Runway Collection "Romance",
Eyeliner (light blue): Alverde Liljana, Eyeliner (black): Essence, so worn out that I can´t read the name anymore.
Mascara: P2 Big Drama (makes nice lashes, but I wouldn´t say it has more of an false eye lash effect than others. Like the brush.)

Lips: P2 pure color "Walk of Fame" (way pinker in person!)

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  1. Just gorgeous.Make up looks very nice and natural.Love the flower hair clip.Baby blue is always pretty.