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Samstag, 30. April 2011

Book Review: "Retro Makeup - Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look"

Hello everyone,

A while ago I posted about Lauren Rennells new book "Retro Makeup - Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look". Most of you already know her as the author of "Vintage Hairstyling", my personal bible for Vintage hair :-)

I saw it and thought I better get it, based on the damn good impressions I have from Vintage Hairstyling Edition 1 + 2 (and before you ask: YES, it is important to have both editions bec
ause there are different stylings in it!)

So how do I find it? Is it worth buying and what do you actually get?

This book covers a lot of make up history. It introduced various make up brushes that you can use to reproduce or re-interprete the styles of the book. This is very very good for make up novices! The book covers the history of our most beloved cosmetic articles such as lipstick, blush, eye liner, mascara etc. While those contained no news for me it was still interesting to read and also included some nice novelty facts.

Every decade introduced features 3 different looks and how to reproduce them. None of it seems particulary tricky. Apart from the 60s eye liner styles they seem almost too easy to me, but than again I have been doing my own hair and make up for shootings for 7 years. It is very nice for reference though.
Things I felt were missing: I felt that something on how to emphasize your individual face form using blush or/and highlighter was missing. There is a short part on it, but that is not really much. I would have loved to have more stuff such as articles from old magazines or/and beauty books in it. I have some where they display makeup morning routines in detail and I LOVE that. In the book is one written description from the 50s. Besides that I have nothing to complain. ;-)

I really enjoyed: The beautifull photos, the breakdown on brushes, the part on what ladies had on their vanities, the "novelty" trivias in it.

Is it worth buying? Do you have the two Kevyn Aucoin books on Make up and Mike Browns books "The 1940s Look" and "The 1950s Look"? If so you don´t necessarily need this book.

However it is nice to have. The make ups are easy to reproduce. The advice is helpfull and if you have not that much knowledge about era-specific looks it is wellworth the money! I say: BUY!

Where can you get it?

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  1. I wanted this book so bad at VLV but i was broke.It looks really good while I was skimming through the pages.