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Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Pin up Girl Hot Roller Set

Hello everyone,

this is Day4 of my vacation and as I was bored today and coloured my hair yesterday I thought "Hey, let´s make a hot roller set and snap some photos!!!". So here is a little tutorial :-)

So... For the total noobs:

Big hair rollers=volume, so I mostly use the on top of my head.

Medium rollers: wave, so most of the time I use them at the sides.

Small rollers: curl. I mostly use them at the bottom as this is also the section where my hair starts hanging out the soonest.
For protecting your hair you spray on a setting spray designed to protect your hair from heat. Before rolling it. I took a rather light one today, but there are hardcore ones around ;-) If you have naturally poker straight hair it also doesnt hurt to give your hair some overall hairspraying once everything is rolled up.

Once you unroll, it all looks rather eeeeeeek! No worries. some good brushing does the trick.

Height and Volume on top, Wavy sides, curly ends and please ignore the left over colour on my skin ;-)I put in a light streak yesterday, but Iam not sure whether I like it. Possibly I will colour over it once I have made up my mind....

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