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Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Tutorial: Time saving and curl protecting dry Pin Curl set

Hello everyone,

last time I showed you an tutorial with a hot roller set. Now you have spent all the time to make a pretty hot roller set and once you slept on it it is all destroyed? For that cases I use a dry pin curl set.

First off all: I don´t like the wet ones cause they take DAYS to dry. This is just not practicall for me. So I do a dry set - mostly after the hair has already been curled before to make it last for more days.

At the end of the day when you have enjoyed a pretty curly hair do it it quiet easy to do. Take yourself some pins like the ones I use in the picture - Bobby pins are just too slippery for me. I just use them to secure a slippery curl even more. As the hair is already curly or at least has some left over curl they technically fall into place. You take them. Roll them together to form a pincurl. Than pin.

If you are someone that likes to take showers in the evening do it just before you step into the shower. The steam with set the curls perfectly. If you don´t just moist your hands a LITTLE (!!!) and pat them on the pin curls. If you want you can also use a bit of setting lotion just in case. By the time you get up the next morning the curls are dry and you just need to take out the pins and brush through it.

Some explainations for the little set I did her the evening after the hot roller set. Click the pictures to enlarge cause the arrows turned out a little thin ;-)

I rolled them all flat towards my face (clock wise) exept for my bang which I made a standing pin curl.

Flat pin curls = curls
standing pin curls= volume

The direction you curl it is the direction it´ll fall to when you brush it out. Let´s say you want something that goes away from your face like a chignon you would want it to fall away from your face so you would curl it counter-clockwise.

Looks messy, but it works ;-)

The curls fall towards the face and I look dreadfully pale in those photos ;-)

After brushing it out the bang that was in a standing pin curl developed volume. All I did was to twist it a little and pin it into place. This is sort of an lazy day hair do. Off course I could have put it in a nice roll of put a flower in it, but we´re talking time saving and easy ;-)

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