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Samstag, 20. August 2011

50er bis 70er Jahre Markt Cologne + WDR

Hello everyone,

Part 1 of the "Inofficial Sari Tour" is over! I was at the 50s market in Cologne. Yay! The prices of the different stalls were somewhere in between sky rocketing high (120 € for a simple headvase I can order for waaaaay less on ebay USA- come one!!!!) to reasonable. We went for the reasonable things ;-)

Off course I also visited "Rock ´n Hair" while I was there.....

Sari flyers, Sari book covers and Sari taking a photo of a table full of Saris.... Later on a workmate joined us and he was like "What the heck is going on here????" I don´t really tend to tell a lot about my modelling at work. :-)

I just arrived and drank a tin of prosecco with Viola (we are classy ladies after all ;-) when suddenly a gentleman from WDR television came by and started filming the stall.... So we gave him something to film.... First Viola fixed my make up - it was so hot we technically melted!

than Paula took a photo of me with a 1950s polaroid camera. You can see it at WDR Lokalzeit at 19:30 tonight. If you miss it - no worries it´ll be online later (plus I try to record it, too!!!)

And a few random pics from the markt!!!

If you wonder... the beautifull dress I wear is by www.buy-unlike.com Love it!!!

P.s.: I won´t be at the market tomorrow, but the lovely Rock n Hair ladies are! You can get styled and have your 1950s polaroid taken for 20 € :-)


  1. ich war heute auch da, es war toll. ich glaube, ich hab dich sogar gesehen :)
    liebe grüße

  2. Echt? Ich hab dich leider nicht gesehen. Nächstes Mal: einfach anquatschen. Ich beisse selten :-)

  3. mist war auch da,hab dich aber nicht gesehen.
    war so gegen 1 da :-)

  4. ich war bis etwa 15:30 da, war aber gegen Ende auf dem Oldtimerparkplatz.