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Samstag, 31. März 2012

Testing new make up things: Essence, P2, Alverde & Catrice

Hello everyone,

I try to get back to normal, but off course that´s not so easy. I managed to do a little make up today with some new things that I did not use yet and here is a review. I even tried to smile for you once.

Catrice Prime anf Fine  Smoothing Refiner: Usually I use the Perfect Face make up base by P2 and I was allways pleased with it, but I figured it can´t hurt to try another one. I really LOVE the Catrice one and really feel it keeps up to it´s promise on the packing ("for invisible pores and lines"). Future will tell whether it can keep up with a work day. What I don´t like it that you have to stick your finger into the jar which is notvery hygenic. Apart from this it´s great!

P2 Cosmic Dream eye shadow "dreamy venus": No Iam not impressed. The highlighter is full of clunky glitter and the highlighter and medium colour are not very pigmented. The dark color is better, but this doesn´t help it. Sorry, thumbs down for this!!!

P2 Pure color lipstick "Walk of fame": I love the pure color lipsticks and this is no exception! I hope for many more to come. P2, please never stop this range!

Essence Liquid ink eyeliner: Love it! Great brush applicator, great color pay off and easy to put on. Will buy again. I did not really test the water proof aspect because even with non water proof ones I rarely have problems.

Alverde Modern Art Blush "New Red": Love it. Great for photoshootings. Very good pay off. I hope there will be more great blushes like this in their regular line!

1 Kommentar:

  1. hallo:-)
    ich empfhele dir dringlichs diesen film anzugucken.
    ob du dann noch Alverde verwenden wirst...und auch roten lippenstift??
    mir ist lust abhanden gekommen.....:-(