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Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

My MUA Haul and Swatches!

Hello everyone,

Last week we celebrated Karneval at work. Everyone came dressed up and I showed up as Katy Perry. I only had to buy the wig and the shirt as I already owned the Petticoat and the little cake fascinator. The picture was taken by John at about 7 in the morning right before I left for work :-)

The very same day I received my MUA delivery! I took full advantage of the 50% off they had and got a lot of eye stuff and a little bit of nail polish and lip stuff to try. Let me tell you: Next time I gonna order some more lip stuff. As it was only 2 British Pound per Palette (after discount) I got every palette that matches my eyes :-) There are maybe 2 palettes that I do not own now and 1 that just came out (Undress me too - that is the name of the palette, not an order I am giving you at the moment;-) Here is what I got in total...
Row 1: Palettes: Glitter Ball, Glamour Days, Poptastic, Heaven and Earth, Glamour Days
Row 2: Extreme Metallics: ALL of them :-)
Row 3: U & I, I WANT YOU, I <3 amaretto="" bright="" coral="" crush="" div="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Row 4: Eyeliner Shade 1-6
Row 5: Lipstick Shade 7, Love Hearts Hot Lips Lip Balm, Shade 13

Time for Swatches!

Row 1 - The Palettes:
Glitterball Palette
Glamour Days Palette
Poptastic Palette
Heaven and Earth Palette

Glamour Nights Palette
Row 2 - Extreme Metallics Quads:
Glammed up
Show Stopper
Row 3 - Nail Polish:
Here I need your patience because I can´t just go swatch them on my arm ;-) So this is why I only show you Amaretto Crush as of now. The colour is amazin. I just needed two layers to get his result, but the brush is too hard for my taste. It was not very easy to apply is easily because the bristles were so thick they were scratching off colour. Apart from this is was perfect. More photos of the other colors will follow.

I have a crush on "Amaretto Crush"
Row 4 - Eyeliners
Shade 1 - 6
Row 5 - Lip Products
Lipstick Shade 7, Shade 13 & Hot Lips
Everything applied without primers and stuff. 

What do I think of it? Well, I love the Palettes (the matte colours could be stronger, but I am not a Matte person anyway, so I don´t cryabout it), I LOVE the Extreme Metallics even more because they are even more intense, the nail polish color is great but theire brushes could be improved (too hard and thick bristles so they scratch the first layer off a bit when you apply the second one), The eyeliners are mostly good (I often need two layers, but once it´s dry it stays and stays! No worries about touching your eyes by accident), the lip stuff is devine. I love the smell (somewhat cocoa/vanilla/cocnut-ty. Not very extreme, but subtle. I do not like the smell most lipsticks from other brands have which is why I just orderd those 3 products to try. I will order more MUA lip products now that I know they do´t have this lipstick smell that I can´t stand.)

Now I roll back to my sofa because the irony is... I took the week off and now I am sick. And now that I start to recover it is John who really got it hard. So I take care of his flu now and try hard to stay well.....

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