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Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2008


Hi folks!

I don´t really like to get older. See, I´ll have my 27th birthday in two weeks and I don´t feel a day older than 21. It seems really true that a woman never gets older than that.

Not that 21 was a especially good time for me, I can´t even remember any particular event that happened during that age (in Germany we can drink beer when we´re 16 and harder stuff with 18, so 21 has not in the least any meaning as a age). And actually I look younger now than I looked when I was like 18.

Every year I moan around before the birthday is finally gone and to my surprise I still feel I´m the same person once it´s come and gone. hmmmmm.... And John moans cause he´ll be 35 two days after my birhtday *lol* (I already have his birthday-present). I also find it unfortunate to have my birthday so soon after X-Mas since I allways have problems to find things to wish for that my relatives can actually get. I´m the queen of wish-lists, but they just manage to order something at amazon (which is great, don´t get me wrong, but I can actally check what they bought for me there *lol*).
I could name them tons of lingerie to order for me, but as they have neither credit-card nor papypal it wouldn´t make sense to give them those lists :-D Do you think it´s weird I´d ask my relatives for lingerie? When I was 19 and got my first corset on ebay my Mom badly wanted to try it, too. That´s weird for most people I guess ;-)

Oh I actually bought something at the What Katie did ebay account and I curiously wait what else they put on ebay. I already got me 3 pairs of seamed stockings for a super-low price so I can actually wear my stockings outdoors without the bad conscience of might destroying them. I´m so scared of runners and tears that I mostly wear them for shootings, but I love my stockings and would love to wear them more often. Buying those was the perfect solution for my dilemma :-)

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