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Sonntag, 13. April 2008

Bye bye bargains

John and me enjoyed last yearsstay in Stockholm so much that we wanna go there again and this time stay longer than 5 days. I´m the one of us that is in charge of organising flights and studd. We wanna go to the same apartment as last year (tiny but wirth a double bed, a small kittchen, close to Central and even closer to the next supermarket) so we got to start saving! Originally we wanted to go for 2 weeks, however that would be too expesive for our tight budget... So we decided on 10 days.

Now I really got to cut down my ebay shopping, lingerie shopping and eventual other things (such as Bésame bargains). Instead I´ll save my money for all those fabulous shopping going on in Sweden. You may not know it, but Stockholm has TONS of Second Hand Shops that actually has clothing older than 70s. And good prices, too!!! I think we went to a dozen of shops last time and we had only one day to shop. I could have visited like 30 and almost all in the same district. I had a copy of the districts city plan and made little coloured marks whereever there was a shop andworked out a route to follow... I hope I still have it somewhere... Otherwise I´ll have to do it all over again ;-) You think I´m kidding? Check out the search results on this swedish website... 106 second handshops and all in Stockholm!!! http://www.aos.se/Sok.aspx?cid=0&kid=6&type=9&fids=274,&sd=2008-04-13&nid=
And a wide range of shops and activities for the rockabilly-crowd: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article429057.ab

I say it´s vintage shopping paradise... Plus I got Vintage magazines for just 1 Euro a piece! John had to stop me from buying all those 1920s movie magazines in Swedish. (I got some eventhough, but not the whole bunch *sigh*... But this year....)

We also went to a Café that served huuuuuuuuge Chai Latte and snacks that were rather whole meals. Yes I do love Stockholm! Why why why was I born in the wrong country?

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