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Montag, 8. September 2008

Shooting the Pin up Animal Rescue Calendar

When the animal trainer adviced me how to hold the caiman I was terrified of two things:

No. 1: That it is really aggressive since he told me so many many times to really hold it tight cause otherwise it would escape or bite me

No. 2: To struggle the poor thing cause I had to hold it just behind it´s head :-o The way I hold it looks a bit brutal in the video, but I was instructed to do so and can assure you "Schnappi" was still able to breath.

However "Schnappi" hardly moved at all and seemed to be sort of comfortable hanging around in my hands and never even tried to escape. It was surely good that it was used to humans and probably it felt that I don´t want to do it any harm. And we kept things as stress-free as possible for him. If the caiman would have gotten nervous we had interupted it.

How does does it feel to touch a caiman? It´s tummy was soft like pudding and it´s back was hard like stone!

The photos are for Zoe Scarletts Pin up Animal Rescue calendar 2009 that will be released at the 18th of October and also features Pin up superstars such as Kay O´Hara and Heidi van Horne. You will be able to purchase it on www.zoescarlett.com soon. All the money will be going to a Animal Rescue organisation in Switzerland. You can imagine that I said "yes" immediately when Zoe asked me cause I feel we all should do our best to protect the nature and our animals! Every bit helps!

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