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Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

Let´s bump it - with bumpits

There are days where I´m just lazy and can´t be bothered wih setting my hair. However I have the straightest and most boring hair one can imagine. And if I atempt to do a sleek 60s style and tease and tease and tease my hair and spray and spray and spray it with hairspray it will just sink down again within the next 2 hours. This SUCKS. So I was curious when I heard about bumpits. They are not available in Germany, but I got them on ebay for just a few bucks. What do those thingies look like and how do you use them anyway? To find the answer to this question check out this video by Super Kawaii Mama:

And here comes my review. (excuse the bad photo, but I was just about to leave for shopping, so I just snapped a self in the bathrom mirror). They are indeed easy to use. I just teased my hair, attached the bumpit under it and smoothed the hair over the bumpit. What I didn´t see however was that my hair was a bit too short for the huuuuge bumpit I took, hence I realised that one could see it a bit if you saw my back. By that time I was in town though and didn´t give a damn.

Next time I will use the one that is one size smaller or take a bigger hair-section. Besides that I find it fab. My hair stayed up and up and up eventhough I was changing in the dressingroom and pulled the sweater over my head. In my oppinion it is a good investment for lazy hair days!!! And also if you wanna go for a 60s look or an updo.

The next thing I wanna test is Benefits Dr. Feelgood vs. Shills Miss Perfect. They are supposed to do the same, let´s see who´ll be the winner.


  1. Love bump its! they look so cute!

  2. Haven't heard of those before - think I might need to invest. And I think it'll have to be the largest size possible because my dream for the past 10 years (or more!) has been to have a Ronnie Spector beehive!

  3. Helen you really should. They are not that expensive on ebay either :-)