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Samstag, 18. September 2010

Fall is on it´s way, I have a flu and I badly need to cheer up

Hi everyone,

it stroke me like lightning! A flu that is. I left work earlier on Thursday as I was on 3 different medications at once (2 beeing herbal, 1 beeing chemical) and still got more and more miserable with every minute. And since than I haven´t left my bed anymore.

The good thing is that I got to watch a bunch of movies, what I usually don´t really find the time to do (I watched "The innocents", "Mrs. Pettigrew lives for a day" and "The Cats Meow" as well as many episodes of "My Name is Earl" which totally is not retro-themed :-D). I tried new eye shadows, but the photos are unwatchable as the cold is not really helping my looks :-D

The bad thing: The pain in my head, the pain of my poor nose and I had to cancel visiting the Burlesque exibition and show that I wanted to visit today. That is really upsetting because this would have been the 2nd live show I ever saw and my first one in Germany. (I saw my first one 2 years ago in... Sweden.)

In an effort to cheer myself up I bought me this dress on ebay, though... It is a bit too big, but that´s nothing I can´t fix. Asthe neck is rather high I think it could become a great dress for fall! I love the colour and the buttons and the cute detail on the pockets. Green and turqouise allways suit me and look nice with my hair!

I have bought another dress for fall but John isn´t very fond of it, he feels the neckline should be a few centimeters lower to be more harmonic, but I think if I wear a nice necklace with it it should make the neckline appear longer. I will experiment with it when I´m back on my feet.

Oh well, I hope to be back on my feet soon cause my back hurts from laying around all day and I seriously run out of magazines and reading material...

Btw: Anyone knows a good online store for wool-pantyhose in more interesting colours than black, grey and brown? I would like to have funny coloured wollen stockings cause fall is depressing enough!


  1. ooh - I love MISS PETTIGREW!! - and MY NAME IS EARL.. :")

    Get well, soon!!

    *antibacterial hug*

  2. LOVE both dresses!!!

    : )

    Hoping that you will be cured soon...

    Hugs, Jenny