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Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Rockabilly Ruhrpott - The Press Round up

Little did I know when two years ago I was approached to do an interview for a documentary about Rockabilly in Ruhrpott. Ir was done by two movie students and their aim was to do this documentary and maybe show it on some movie festivals...

Two years later one of my Facebook friends wrote me "Hey, I saw you in a documentary on 3Sat yesterday!!!" It turned out that "Rockabilly Ruhrpott" made it into the program "Kulturzeit" AND is beeing shown in selected cinemas. This is more than the makers ever expected and more that I expected as well. I have yet to see the TV version as I just saw some sort of "Directors Cut" a year ago, so I have no idea what of my interview remained... I ordered the DVD from the tv station, but they told me it can take up to two months till I get it... buhu... I bet everybody but me saw it....

Me. I was bigger two years ago, but definately me :-)
Here´s the trailer of the directors cut, made about 1,5 years ago.

And I was just as amazed to find there is a huuuuge load of movie reviews!!! A selected few of many, many ones (in German, but well, you can use the google translator if you wanna read it anyway). Congrats to Christin and Claudia who made the movie and all the interviews! Your vision took a completely different turn, but a lot of people will see your hard work!
Something to listen to: http://gffstream-9.vo.llnwd.net/c1/m/1309263786/radio/scala/wdr5_scala_20110628.mp3 (starting at about 15 Minutes)

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