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Samstag, 8. September 2012

Baking come cake(ing)

 Hello everyone,

there are several reasons why I bake a lot right now. Fall is slowly coming so I go into the cosy nesting mode which indeed includes baking (last year I baked one million pumpkin pies.... possibly happens when fall is here). A workmate I like a lot is leaving (and moving far far away) so I am sad and need distraction and last but not least as I am going to Sweden in October I bake myself into "Sweden mood" :-). I am not shooting much right now (though I´d love to) and don´t do anything special so I post some baking pictures so at least something happens on this blog ;-)

I made kanelbullar (cinnemon rolls) and a marzipan version as well. Here´s the recepy I used. It is in German but google translator will sure help. I made a marzipan-version because  John is not too crazy about cinnemon, but crazy about marzipan. So after I made mostly cinnemon rolls I thought "Oh what the heck, let´s try something new". I mixed about 25 gramm of melted butter with about 30 gramm of marzipan till it got creamy, put it on the dough, rolled it and put almond pieces on top. Turned out really nice and NOT TOO SWEET. Yay! The photo doesn´t look as nice cause I just took it quickly while they were cooling and than froze them all (not even I can eat over 30 of those AT ONCE). It was my first experiment with a yearst dough.

Today I made mazarins (marzipan cakes) because... well I had marzipan leftover :-) And because I love them and German IKEA is not selling them anymore. (buuuuuuuh!!!) Was too lazy to put on cute little marzipan figures like in the recepy, but if I do a Xmas version I decidedly will ;-) I replaced the Amaretto with Bittermandel and I found those fun sillicone cake forms at TK Maxx. They are cute and take less space than a normal muffin thingie. Now I must go and try my cakes :-) Yay!


  1. Aber böööööse! (Ich glaub bei dem vielen Zucker hauts meine "Du darfst" Butter auch nicht mehr wirklich raus :-D)

  2. How scrumptiously delightful looking! I adore baking, too, especially as we head back in to the chilly days of fall and autumn, when kitchens and tummies alike deserve to be warm and happy :)

    ♥ Jessica