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Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

It´s the final countdown (dadadadadadaaaaa)

Hi dear ones!

I´m slowly sneaking over to vacation... And there is nothing that can stop me.... Lately I just had a few days off and the last time with more than one week in a row was last year in summer... So one can tell I´m exited.

Anyway before I start my vacation I gonna work extra-hard... Off course there is my day-job, than I want to finish some of my outfits so they are ready in time for going to Sweden (I have one top to finish to go with a pair of shorts, I hope to finish a Hawaii-Top today and it would be extremely cool if I manage to do the skirt to go with it in time, too. Actually I´d love to make a pant-and-top-sailor-outfit, too but I don´t think I can finish that in time, plus I would have to buy the fabric for it first... But we´ll see ;-) and than I will have at least 1-2 shootings before I take off. One with my all-time favourite Miss Giggles (we had more than 6 shootings in the past 3 years together and I don´t think I´ll ever get enough of her). That´s another good reason to finish my outfits, right? :-) Something tells me it will be worth the work...

And after that it´s Johns turn to work.... well, not really, but he´ll have to carry the tons of stuff that I buy in Stockholm ;-) He allways says I´d be better of shopping with girlfriends, but I don´t think the girlfriends would be carrying my bags and he´s my stylist no. one cause I like to hear a male point of view on my outfits and he´s extremely honest if he considers something unflattering which I appreciate a lot. But off course it´s cool to to a girlie-day and hang out with the ladys, too. It´s just a different pair of shoes.

Hugs to you all!

Ps.: The final countdown was actually one of my first favourite songs as a child besides Falcos "Rock me Amadeus" and Kajagoogoo with "Too shy" (my grandma allways had to dance with me when it was played in the radio *lol*)

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