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Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Pure Smile Biodiversity Sheet Masks (sea cucumber, euglena, jelly fish and salmon)

Hello everyone,

first of all: Sorry, my text is formating all weird. tried what I could, but couldn´t change it at all. :-(

I love a good sheet mask as it is an easy, affordable and instant way to give your skin a little moisture boost. I have a big box filled with masks and am allways on the look out for something new, so when  I saw a new weird range on Japan Gift Bay with all weird incrediences I HAD to try them... Granted I haven´t tried all of them as we speak, but I couldn´t help to introduce some of the weirder ones... ;-) Pure Smile is a korean company which, however seems to be particulary popular in Japan. I first came across them in the Memeboxes (back in the good old days when they delivered to Germany) and as I liked most of their products so far I bought this bundle for 17,90$.

Japan Gift Bay added a free mask as a gift as well, so thumbs up for that!

For your information: I have combination skin and as everyones skin is different you possibly have a different result than I do. 

The packaging of each displays that the masks contain Arbutin, Collagen, Hylaronic acid and Vitamin E, but none of them goes into further detail about the incredients (unless you can read korean) or which effect each mask should have. Honetly it is nothing but guesswork for me....

I put all masks on under pretty much the same conditions in order to see what sets them apart.

Sea cucumber
This was the first sheet mask that I tried from this series.
Taking it out of the packaging it did not smell sea-foodish or cucumberish at all. Rather like a light shower gel for men. The sheet is nice and thick and was clinging to my face nicely.
I removed it after 20 minutes and put the remaining essence on
my face and throat. The essence was not sticky and my face looked 
very moisturized and brightened. I would buy this mask again!

Googling about sea cucumbers turned up this article claiming that Sea cucumber boosts collagen and has anti aging properties. My skin sure looked nice and plump afterwards, so maybe there is some truth to it.

I actually had to google what euglena is. I found out that it is a
sweetwater one cell organism and is meant to have anti aging properties and activates the cellular organism.
The euglena essence mask had a powdery scent and felt very refreshing on my face. Apart from this I didn't see an particular effect on 
my face. It wasn't remarkable enough to urge me for a repurchase.

Jelly Fish
Surprise! More anti-aging properties - according to this article 
anyway... Honestly I would really like to know which part of the 
jelly fish is beeing used- i hope just like the snails and bees it is not beeing killed and it is just some secretion of it that it would do anyway.

 It is my favourite fragrance wise.It smells like the ice bonbons I used to eat as a child. On my face the mask felt very moisturizing and, but this could be my imagination, tingled a bit.
 Once the mask was off my face looked super moisturized and my 
skin was decidedly plumped. I think I'd buy this one again IF I find out what the deal with the jelly fish is.

Salmon Essence
I like salmon, though I'd normally rather eat it than put it on my 
face. Than again, I bought thi particular range for it's weirdness factor which sparked my interest... I found this article on salmon 

I am losing out slowly but certainly when it comes to describing fra-grances... There is nothing fishy at all about the salmon essence 
mask. I can't describe the smell, but it is nothing overly remarkable. As all previous masks it was well soaked in essence and felt moist-
urizing on the face. I felt that it had more of an cooling effect -
almost like eucalyptus.

I took off the mask and put the rest of the essence on my face and throat as I allways do, buuuuuut.... The essence just wouldn't soak in! I put my evening skin care on top, but felt nothing absorbed at all! Maybe this is meant for very dry skinned people? In my personal case however it was a total miss! I'llstick to eating salmon, that's for sure!

While not everything worked for me it was fun to experiment with 
those sheets as I hadn´t come across those versions before. PresentlyI have some animal masks from "The Face Shop" waiting to be 
tested and photographed, so stop by at a later point to find very 
weird selfies;-)

Montag, 20. April 2015


I had a wonderfull surprise in my mailbox this morning! Another photo from my shooting with Elisabeth Hackmann that we had about a year ago. I love it! Elisabeth made the headwear and the feather bustles herself!

Samstag, 18. April 2015

My third shooting with Lucky Lola

Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung and photoshootings are happening again. Yay! So today I can show you my new photos taken for luckylola.de!

It is always a pleasure to come there for a shooting, to browse their enormous collection of clothes and shop till you drop.... Which is why you´ll probably see a few non-shop photos of Lucky Lola dresses as well - well, who could resist shopping when shooting? ;-) I always love to return there, that´s for sure!

Samstag, 28. März 2015

Rockabilly Ruhrpott online auf Spiegel TV!

Guten morgen!

Heute bin ich aufgewacht und wollte nochmal schnell auf Facebook schauen um zu sehen was es neues gibt bevor ich frühstücke und mich für das Shooting mit Lucky Lola fertig mache! Und was sehe ich da?
Ich dachte erst, jemand postet da einen Scherz, aber ich habe nachgesehen und JA ICH BIN AUF DER ERSTEN SEITE VON SPIEGEL ONLINE! Und ich habe weiter nachgesehen und JA, DIESES WOCHENENDE ZEIGT SPIEGEL EXCLUSIV ROCKABILLY RUHRPOTT ONLINE!

Wenn ihr als 8 Jahre altes Material einer dickeren Sari sehen wollt ist das eure perfekte Chance. Ganz im Ernst, es ist eine wirklich sehenswerte Doku über Rockabilly Kultur im Ruhrpott.

Good morning,

today I woke up and just wanted to check my Facebook before having breakfast an preparing for my shooting with Lucky Lola and I really thought someone was kidding when posting the above picture. So I checked and YES IT IS TRUE THAT IAM ON THE FIRST PAGE OF SPIEGEL ONLINE (If you are not familiar, this is a big deal in Germany)" Und I checked further and YES THIS WEEKEND YOU CAN WATCH ROCKABILLY RUHRPOTT ONLINE IN ITS ENTIRETY ON THEIR WEBSITE!

If you´d like to see 8 year old Material with a bigger Sari in it this is your perfect chance. Seriously, it is a great documentary about Rockabilly Culture in the Ruhrpott area.

Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Photoshooting with Tate Millinery Part 1

Hello everyone,

last weekend I took a superlong drinve (20 minutes;-) to a neighbour town and shot with lovely Karen from Tate Millinery and her just as lovely husband Andrea! We photographed around 30 hats (estimated number - I lost count because it were SO MANY beautifull hats!) within 3 hours (plus and hour for hair and make up and maybe another one for cupcakes).

So consider this part 1 of at least 4-5 parts full of awesome hats! Keep your eyes on the Online Shop as well and keep in mind: Most of those hats are customizable! So if you think by yourself "Oh, I love this hat, but it wouldn´t go with the clothes I have" - send a message to Tate Millinery to explore the options available! For your convenience I added the links straight to the hat below the picture.


Did I promse too much? Those hats are truely awesome with great details and made by hand! Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Samstag, 21. März 2015

Peripera Frozen Wholly Deep Eyeliner Set

Hello everyone,

I suddenly feel the urge of buying korean gel eyeliner sets because I want more variation in my eye make up and thus I went to buy 3 different sets. Today I show you the first one.

I am probably the only person on earth who hasn´t seen "Frozen" yet, but taking a look at those beautiful colors I couldn´t resist! I bought this liner set at RoseRoseShop, which seems to be the cheapest source presently. I was thrilled to discover that RoseRoseShop added an beautiful Skinfood nail polish in a fab hot pink color for FREE!!! On top of it there was a sharpener for the pencils included as well!

The Wholly Deep Liner Kit comes from the korean brand Peripera and is a limited edition. Thus, if you want such a kit, too, you better get it now ;-) The liner kit is a mini-set, so keep that in mind. The size ratio of liner to nail polish gives a clue how small it is. It fits into the palm of my hands - more or less.

The liners are very soft. You don´t have to press them really hard to get colorful results. Give it a few moments to dry and it is set. I was beeing a bit hardcore and baked a cake an there are still traces of the eyeliners on my hand

Last Shooting with my old hair....

 Hello everyone,

I was completely convinced that I posted this lovely photos by Wu.nderland Photography MONTHS ago, however when I went to check I noticed that, well, I HADN´T. It must be my old age, that´s for sure! However it´s also my last photos with red hair and blonde streak, now it is red and black streaks all the way :-D

Enjoy my blonde streak for the last time ;-)

with a hat by Tate Millinery

Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Grace and Glory - Tearsheets

Hello everyone,

my printed copy arrived and here are my photos :-)

Photos & Retouch by Satin Paula Kopczynski
The book "Grace and Glory" is available on Amazon

Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Grace and Glory - a book by Paula Kopczynski

Hello everyone,

I had the pleasure to work with Paula during two occasions, so when she asked me whether I wanted to see a preview of her newly released book "Grace and Glory" and whether I wanted to write a review about it I was on board immediately! 

I have to tell the funny and slightly weird story on how we got to know each other first. A few years ago the lovely Anne-Marie Morschek, designer of the lovely Shop Fräulein Valentine which happened to be in my neighborhood had a flyer in her shop window where someone was looking for models for an upcoming vintage styling book. As I am always on the look out for fun shooting I sent an email to the email adress stated on the flyer, along with some og my most beloved photos and I got an reply from Paula. 

It was something along the lines of "Is there any chance you happen to know my father?". After inquiring I found out that YES I had shooted in her dads studio with one of his photography students a few years back. What a fantastic and highly unlikely coincidence! so off course we were shooting for the book "Rock ´n´ Hair" together and the rest is history ;-)
Anyway, Paula has taken some amazing photos of beautifull retro ladies and gentlemen, both at studios, outdoors events etc etc and has put a collection of those into her new book "Grace and Glory". A few previously unreleased ones of myself are in it too, in case you wonder.

The book summary states: "As a creative, free spirit, she dedicates this book to her passion fervor for the mid-century. She combines the self-conception of the modern Lady and the contemporary masculinity with the glamorous look of that period. Those men and women are self-confident and in proper-style. They know what the want and they know how to style themselves. To collect all these images, Paula traveled throughout the world. The photos were shot within Europe, US, Australia, South Africa and Russia in between 2009-2014. She varies between using analog and digital cameras. The book is mainly shot with a digital medium format camera, as well as, 50's analog camera, and polaroid. The round about 200 photos show the rockabilly scene, the 50's, vintage, PinUps, Burlesque, HotRods, Car races ... and much more!"

On 164 pages you get to see beautifull people at beautifull places and amazing cars, so if you have a soft spot for those things (and let´s face it, who hasn´t?) it is really a book you should consider buying. Personally I allways love to look at other ladies and get inspired by their hair, make up, clothes etc... It probably says a lot about the quality of the book by stating that I have ordered a printed copy for myself ;-) I will make sure to post some photos of old me once it as come :-)

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Memebox January 2015

Hello everyone,

Memebox left the global community. And just like when you are beeing left by a lover it feels like you will never find someone to love you again, ehm, I mean, like you´ll never be a skin care affiliate again. Let´s face it, my blog is rather small in comparison to others. However as I purchased every box with my own money anyway I will just move on to another shop. Gimme a moment. *sighs* Ok, let´s get ready. I technically have 4 more boxes on the way but I am not sure I will review those.

1. The choute Aurora Pearl base 30ml (full size! Price 18$)
What I think:
Enriched with peppermint extract and lemon blam this primer is meant to have micro declectors which  catch and reflect klight to give a subtle glow, make skin appear more perfect, hydating the skin, locking in moisture and brightening the overall complexion. On top of it it has a damn pretty packaging with a pearlesque sheen to it. I haven´t tried the base yet because I still use another one, but I am very curious to try it. I really hope the effect IS subtle and not in the discoball spectre.

2. Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner 130 ml (full size! Price 31$)
What I think:
this toner is meant to clarify your skin with Morninga seed extracts, hibiskus flower, fermented lotus and purified water. This sounds really nice as I have a thing for fermented stuff. This toner is not on top of my list presently cause I have SO MUCH STUFF TO USE, but it will be used sooner or later ;-) It comes in a really nice glass bottle!

3. Pureplus Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam 80ml (full size! Price 12$)
What I think:
This cleansing foam is meant to be skin perfecting with the help of acai berries and other super berries. It probably smells nice, but I am not very excited about it. It claims collagen production increases when you use this cleanser. I don´t think a cleanser can do this. The packaging is rather boring and I have so many cleansers with skin perfecting claims. i think I will start using it in summer to smell the berries, not because I really believe it´s claims ;-)

4. Mimi Lauryne´s Beauty Lesson Hand Cream 50ml (Full size 17$)
What I think:
There were three fragrance options and I got citrus. The handcreams are enriched with macadamia seed oil and while I love macadamia and citrus I really can´t get excited about hand cream really...

5. Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita Capsule Cream 30ml (full size! Price: 24$)
What I think:
I got the Vitamin B option in the Detox and Renew Box an I am curious to try them both. I anticipate that I will prefer the Vitamin C one because it helps with refining the appearance of pores and fades dark spots and pigmentation.

6. Syndrome Cosmetics Pouch Sample: CB Revitalizing Fermentation Essence 1g x 2 (full size 100ml, price 58$)
What I think:
I love galactomyces and anything anti aging, but two tiny pouches are not really suitable to test something about long term results. Also let´s take a moment and think about the companies name... Syndrome Cosmetics. Huh???

7. Syndrome Cosmetics Pouch Sample: CB Cream Gold 1g x 2 (full size 35ml, Price 55$9
What I think:
It is advertised as an miraculous facial cream which visibly brightens the skin tone and locks in moisture while providing anti wrinkling effects. I am suffering from the cosmetics pouch syndrome where you really want to have several pouches to give things a try. I would have preffered either 4 of this cream OR of the essence. This way it feels really meh to me.

This box has good moments (pearl base, moringa toner and Vita 3000 Cream), but also weaknesses (help! Another hand cream! oh no, tiny tiny pouches!) so it is really a mixed bag for me. Not among my favourites.

Memebox Detox and Renew

Hello everyone,

farewell Memebox. Forever? For a few months? I have no idea. Memebox closed down shipping internationally but before this I went on a last super haul. Now I should have enough to last until 2017 - at last. And because Nomen est Omen (and admittedly cause I saw the unboxing and loved the contents) I settled for the Detox and Renew Box. Turns out all items were fullsize!

1. GUAAM Method Black Pearl Protein (Conchiolin) 35 Whitening serum 60ml (full price 30$)
What I think:
This serum is meant to renew skin with bifida, AHA and black pearl proteins.  n addition it is free of chemical preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial colors, mineral oils, sillicone oils, sulfates, parabens and EDTA. I have no idea what EDTA is, but if it´s absence is good for my skin I am glad :-) I think it sounds really good and it comes with an information flyer on what the GUAAM Methode is (in short: all natural incredents to get rid of any toxins in the skin). This Serum will get into my rotation as soon as a capacity opens for it.

2. Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser 150 ml (Price 27$)
What I think:
This cleanser uses salicylic essence to fight acne and blemishes. It´s detoxifying the pores by clarifying the build up of dirt and oil build up. Now I have recently read that salicylic acid in cleansers don´t do much because you rinse them off so quickly, but it sure won´t harm to use this. Also the packing looks so damn cute and I have a bizarre attachment to cleansers anyway. Let´s face it: Salycilic acid or not - I love cleansers!

3. Mayn Bio Mineraltox Mist 100 ml (Price 44$)
What I think:
First of all I love the novelty value because it has little stones in it resembling the Seramis stones for indoor plants. When you shake it it even sounds like them. Reading the Memebox card it is revealed that those are "secret beads" made with ions and mineral water. I don´t really believe in a function, but if someone spontaniously starts to play music I can jam along shaking my mist :-) The rest of the incredients convince me more: lemon balm, apple mint and royal jelly. If it smells the way it sounds I see it as a perfect spring and summer mist (also in regards that there will be street musician anywhere and it´s easier to jam with someone in that case;-)

4. Araon Detox Skin Essence 100ml (Price 34$)
This essene is formulated with maple water, green tea extract and other skin detoxifying extracts and s meant to make the skin brighter and more even toned. I love that this thing is soooo big and will make sure to try it, maybe togeter with the GUAAM Serum for super detoxifing power?

5. Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin B Vita Capsule Cream 30ml (Price 24$)
This Cream is meant to sooth irritated and inflamed skin.  I will keep it for really bad skin days.

I have not the slightest doubt about this purchase. Thinking about it this is almost an entire skin care routine on it´s own (Only toner is missing;-). There is nothing that is a total miss for me so I am very happy with the products.